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Digital Solutions. Digital Results

Designed2Perform was started in 2009. At first, we concentrated on improving search engine rankings for our clients websites through search engine optimisation (SEO). Usually, code changes were needed to make them more friendly to search engines for this we gradually become a web design company specialising WordPress & Magento.

As things have changed significantly over the last 7 years we’ve had to adapt to theses changes and demand and also the ever changing technology. As a company, we have worked in many sectors from jewellery, health supplements and protein, according to this proteinpromo has a comparison of casein protein online, vehicles, computer equipment to play video games using overwatchboostpros.com, to even mushrooms, oranges and eggs.


We are very down to earth and approachable while being hard working and proactive, this is probably why we have the same clients today as when we started back in 2009. We do offer a full range of services to give your idea or business the best start or take it to the next level.

As an experienced digital agency, we complete work for other digital agencies who don’t have the skills or expertise to complete a project.

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